Flavours of Kashmir Gourmet Gift box

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Exclusively sourced from the Kashmir valley, each of these products is packed with nutrition and flavour - the kind that sets it apart from similar products from other parts of the world!

Each box contains:

Kashmiri Mamra Almonds are an abundant source of nutrients, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin including protein and fibre. These almonds are loaded with antioxidants, rich in oil content and is considered superior to the commonly available mamra.
Kashmiri Walnut Kernels provide healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, excellent source of antioxidants and the only tree nut that has plant form of omega-3 essential fatty acid. Decreases inflammation. Promotes healthy gut. Supports weight control.
Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Leaves  aids in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety issues. Additionally, it aids in naturally detoxifying the body by removing free radicals and impurities produced by the liver.
Energy Trail Mix has the natural goodness of Kashmiri dry fruits procured directly from the orchids of pristine Kashmir Valley. Trail mix is considered an ideal and healthy snack for hunger pangs.
Dried Figsare an excellent source of dietary fibre that helps in weight management. They contain a wealth of essential minerals such as potassium, iron, and calcium, and are rich in health-promoting antioxidants and complex carbohydrates.
Luxurious  Acacia Honey has high content of powerful plant compounds like flavonoids, which act as antioxidants with antibacterial properties. It has the lowest levels of sucrose amongst all honeys and a higher content of fructose making it even suitable for Diabetics .

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