Ready to Cook Dosa Combo (3 Packs)

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Benefits of Millets

  • Rich Source of minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus
  • More Fibre than rice and wheat
  • Rich in Anti - Oxidants 

This combo contains the following:

Ragi Dosa  Mix (1 pack)

  • Lovers of the traditional dosa now have a healthier option: the Ragi Millet Dosa 

Multi-grain Dosa Mix (1 pack)

  •  A nutrient-rich and flavourful mix of five millets ideal for breakfast

Kambu Dosa  Mix (1 pack)

  • Kambu Dosa  will help you beat the heat this summer with the goodness of Bajra along with some coconut chutney

Each of these are:

  • Made from millets 
  • Sourced directly from organic certified farmers
  • 100% natural and gluten free
  • Contain no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours

Total: 3 packs

Simple Cooking instructions are provided on the pack

Weight: 200 gms each


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