Oats cookies (2 packs) + Premium quinoa and oats cookies (2 packs)

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Premium quinoa and oats cookies 

  • 1) An “Ancient Grain” as it has been cultivated for thousands of years and largely unchanged.

    2) Quinoa, the popular Superfood known for it’s nutrient dense nature.

    3) Known as “Mother of all grains” which has all 9 essential amino acids needed for our body.

    4) A good choice for people with celiac disease who cannot eat gluten.

    5) Quinoa is high in Vitamin B6, which supports immunity and nervous system function.

    6) Quinoa is a good source of Iron; 1 cup will give you more than 40% of your RDV.

    7) Quinoa is an excellent source of Magnesium, a mineral needed for strong bones and healthy muscles. Can be the best rice-substitute as it can be cooked in same manner.

    8) Quinoa has more than 120 varieties; black, red and white are most common.

    9) NASA has proposed quinoa as an ideal food for long-duration space flights.

    Weight : 75 Grams per pack Total 2 packs


Oats cookies

  • Made from farm fresh, naturally grown oats.
  • Millets for our products are sourced from organic certified farmer federations.
  • It also helps in weight management and has a low glycemic load,hence recommended by doctors for diabetic patients.
  • Healthy snack for the entire family.
  • No Baking Powder, No Soda, No Raising agents, No egg.
  • 0% Maida.
  • No added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
  • 100% Natural

Total 2 packs. Weight 75 gms each


Total weight 300 gms

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