Mint & Ginger, Immunity Tea

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You’ve earned your immunity in 2020? It’s time to keep it going by adding this tea to your regime. Immunity enhancer with ingredients inspired from Ayurveda. It’s a kadha that tastes beautiful and works to benefit your body. It just comes packaged in your favourite beverage – tea! Our tea brings a unique combination of black tea, mint, pepper, turmeric and ginger – all the ingredients we’ve grown up with and that are an integral part of every Indian household. Haldi doodh has also been a great immunity booster in this pandemic and ginger is something that moms always add in our food to boost our health.


Assam Orange Pekoe, Mint, Ginger, Pepper and Turmeric

Shelf life:

6 to 8 months from the date of purchase

Storage instructions:

Store in an Airtight Container away from Direct Sunlight in a Cool and Dry place.

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