Calming Chamomile, Floral Infusion

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Chamomile is an acquired Taste, Often like the Anurag Kashyap Movies! This infusion works wonders if you are sleep deprived and lack sleep. (It will help you fall asleep faster, just like some movies! – think Bombay Velvet) It’s one of the most relaxing Floral Infusions. It calms and relaxes the mind. Brewing a cup after dinner or post sunset helps you unwind. Embrace this healing infusion in your routine for better nervous system health and enjoy its therapeutic properties for enriched sleep. This Caffeine-Free Infusion is ideal for sips through the day and at bedtime. Long day? Time to unwind with Chawalas’ Chamomile!


Chamomile Buds

Shelf life:

6 to 8 months from the date of purchase

Storage instructions:

Store in an Airtight Container away from Direct Sunlight in a Cool and Dry place.

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